Will Meek PhD


Individual Counseling

The things that bring people into my office span a wide range. Some people are doing really well in their lives and like having a place to process things with someone who is objective and understands them. Others are looking to improve more serious relationship problems, anxiety, depression, anger, substance use, and other difficult situations. In each case I take a practical, strengths-based approach, and we will find ways to make things better together.


My practice is entirely online, and utilizes videoconferencing technology for our meetings. This approach has a range of benefits. The biggest is that it cuts down on your travel time to and from my office. This is especially important if you have a tighter schedule (like during the work day), or live outside of Providence (although you need to be a Rhode Island resident). The only things you need to make our sessions work is a place to talk and an internet connection.

Insurance & Fees

About half of my clients are self-pay, and the others use insurance. For the following plans I am a credentialed, in-network provider.

  • Aetna / First Health
    • I’m in network for nearly all Aetna / First Health plans
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
    • I’m in network for nearly all Blue Cross plans, including Blue Cross of Rhode Island. If you hold an out-of-state Blue Cross plan, like Blue Cross of Massachusetts, Anthem, or Empire, I am considered in-network as long as you have the BlueCard program as a benefit. You can see if this is a benefit you have by looking at your card and seeing if there is a little suitcase on it.


When I have openings in my practice (right now I work with individual adults, and do not have spots new couples or teens), I can usually set something up for the same week, sometimes within a day or two. The best way to reach me is email: willmeekphd@gmail.com. If I am unable to meet, I can point you toward some other folks who do great work.