Will Meek PhD
About Me

About Me


Helping people improve their lives has always been important to me. I saw my first counseling client in 2003, and from that point forward, this work has been a part of my life. I have an integrative approach that is practical and strengths-based, and incorporates a large range of tools from various other systems of therapy (relational-interpersonal, CBT, ACT, solution-focused, etc).

In addition to my practice, I have also been involved in university mental health. Currently I am the Global Director of Mental Health & Wellness at Minerva University. Prior to that I was the Director of Counseling & Psychological Services at Brown University, and I have also been the lead psychologist at University of Portland and Washington State University Vancouver.

As part of my university work I conduct research on counseling effectiveness, innovative approaches to psychotherapy, and client satisfaction. I also provide trainings for other therapists and consult for mental health organizations on improving access to care. I’ve been featured in pieces for the Washington Post, CNN, NPR, Men’s Health, and The Chronicle of Higher Education among others, and I’m also an invited blogger for Psychology Today.

Education, Training, License

I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at Baldwin-Wallace College (now University) in Berea, Ohio (2001), my doctorate in counseling psychology at the University of Missouri – Kansas City (2007, APA), and my internship (2006, APA) and post-doctoral fellowship (2008) at the University of Delaware. I’m a licensed psychologist in Rhode Island.

Bio for Media & Speaking

Dr Will Meek is a counseling psychologist, and Global Director of Mental Health & Wellness at Minerva University. He started his professional career as a one-person counseling center serving 4000 students at Washington State University Vancouver, and later served as Director of Counseling & Psychological Services at Brown University. Will is an alum of Baldwin-Wallace College and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he received a PhD in Counseling Psychology. He is best known for the Flexible Care Model, which is a culturally-informed system of providing psychological services on college campuses. Will resides in Providence, Rhode Island where he has a private practice, and spends time with his family exploring the Atlantic coast, roasting coffee, and unsuccessfully trying to get more sleep.